For Vision of Glory's 2019 Vacation Bible School, I interpreted the story of Joshua's journey into the promise-land and created illustrations to show the kiddos what this journey might've looked like it if it was them in the story! It was important to me to strike a balance between the history of the stories, but most importantly to illustrate the spirit of the stories.
The main logo is the first image, which was used to promote the program, and the rest of the
illustrations were printed out and displayed during the week of the vacation bible school.

Day One Prompt: "Who is Joshua? Who is Jesus?"
Illustrative interpretation of 1 Peter 2:9 - "marvelous light"

Day Two Prompt: Connecting the way the priests had to step into the raging river with the ark of the covenant in order for the river to stop rather than wait for it to part before entering - like Moses and the Red Sea
Illustrative interpretation of Joshua 3-4

Day Three Prompt: "The Walls of Jericho"
Illustrative interpretation of Joshua 5-6

Day Four Prompt: "The Sun Stands Still" / Caleb and his army conquer the giants in the mountains
Illustrative interpretation of Joshua 10

Day Five Prompt: "Rest in the Land"
Illustrative Interpretation of Romans 8 in connection with Joshua

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