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Elyssa Norris ⏤ holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

︎ Inquire to hire Elyssa as a freelance graphic designer or illustrator. Currently taking commissions requests.

Client List ⏤ Waymark (Art Direction), Schawk (Production Art), Salty Feet (Brand Identity), Guy’s Sewer & Drain (Brand Identity), Scaling Within (Illustration & Digital Design), Parc Shop (Illustration, Print & Digital Design), Token Jewelry (Illustration), Vision of Glory (Illustration), & more.

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Contact ⏤

︎ All inquiries will be answered within 1-2 business days.

what was said
to the rose

to make it laugh
in full-blown beauty

was said to me,
but one-hundred

more beautiful.

︎Rumi, exerpt from The Masnavi, book 3, verse 4125

When a stranger or friend
turns to me and says ⏤
they can’t believe
all of the fruits
and flowers came
from the same tiny, little, seeds,
I am, my soul is,

the happiest.

Built to see whimsy &
⏤ wonder in this seed of life
informs my design and
energizes my push
to see a story
and find a unique way
of sharing it.


                  Elyssa Norris is a creative graphic designer with over four years of experience specializing in digital marketing, print promotional artwork, layout, brand identity design & illustration. Professionally trained and competent in a wide range of design software and equipment including Adobe Creative Suite, web design, and all Microsoft and Google applications. She has a strong history of creating strategic and innovative visual communications that build brand identity and engage customers.

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