The Tallest Shoes

in the World

I dedicate this book to all who are growing and seeking to grow internally rather than externally. Those who are in the painful, but important work of growing low, closer to the ground. Cheers to the barefoot souls ⏤ may you grow in empathy and humility and thus experience the joy of what it means to be truly alive.

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For my senior exhibition, I wanted to make sure my book’s impact didn’t fall short as a display-piece, so I punch-needled motifs from the book and used them as a backdrop to hopefully attract people to my exhibit. I displayed a hardcover copy of the book on the top shelf of a wooden pedestal with takeaway prints of the poppy illustration, my business cards, silk poppies, and my research book that The Tallest Shoes in the World was based on.

The Tallest Shoes in the World

Senior Thesis & Exhibition

Based on my research on Creativity in Children’s Books, The Tallest Girl on Earth is a reflection on what divides us as a society ⏤ a lack of empathy for those who are different from us. “Live Barefoot” is the mantra, which is a metaphor of people who are down to earth vs. those who are high up on their own pedestals. This story displays the story of the “tallest girl on earth,” who is tall above everyone else. It is her journey to discover empathy (symbolized by poppies) with the help of the barefoot souls around her.

Skills: Illustration / Writing / Hand-Lettering / Research